Archive February 2019 - TrackTreads - Undercarriage Management

Using Technology to lever improved Undercarriage Management

Technology is everywhere today and is being used to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Undercarriage and Wear Surface management are a perfect example. In the past, components were inspected manually, with readings jotted on paper before being transferred to some system, generally a spreadsheet. The measurements were then compared with previous data and whatever wear …

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An end to end solution for managing Undercarriage and Wear Surfaces

  TrackTreads has developed a solution that enables customers to collect and manage their own Undercarriage and Wear Surface inspection data. The system then provides wear forecasting calculated from the inspection data as well as other usage metrics and reports including cost analysis. Customers wanting to manage and control their undercarriage and Wear Surfaces receive …

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Reactive to Proactive Undercarriage Management

Improving your level of Undercarriage sophistication is an essential first step towards a comprehensive Undercarriage strategy that both saves you money by reducing waste and downtime, and makes you money by increasing asset utilization and productivity. At TrackTreads we see this Undercarriage sophistication being achieved through 3 distinct stages; Understanding the $ value of Undercarriage …

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