Archive April 2019 - TrackTreads - Undercarriage Management

Setting the Industry Standard for Undercarriage Management Software

When it comes to providing Undercarriage Management Software, customers are looking for more than just a simple condition report. They are wanting and needing additional functionality to fully manage, monitor and track the history of Undercarriage components as a minimum. On top of that, they want to be guaranteed that their data remains their property …

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What are Component Wear and Failure profiles?

The TrackTreads Undercarriage (UC) Management Software enables UC inspectors to measure Undercarriage components in the field using the Mobile Application connected with an Ultrasonic Tool. This requires each component to be defined. The Undercarriage system is comprised of multiple different components each with their own wear profile definition. Each OEM UC component is heat treated …

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Why PDF condition reports are no longer enough.

The future profitability of mining or construction, as with any businesses, lies in the effective use of Business Intelligence. BI isn’t just your data, it’s the information you get from effectively analysing your data. It’s the ability to take large, and often very large datasets, and distil them down to the key performance indicators and …

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