Archive January 2020 - TrackTreads - Undercarriage Management

Avoid Spending Big on Bogies by Inspecting the Bogie Hardware as part of the Undercarriage Inspection

Major Bogies carry the load of the machine on the rails (Links) and any miss-alignment, wear or damage can create large costs. Identifying problems on bogie components before they fail can reduce this cost significantly. Regular inspection should be completed, and what better way than to include it within the undercarriage inspection. Inspection points to …

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Overcoming Mine-Site Technology Adoption Challenges

Overall mining productivity has risen 2.8% per year from 2014 to 2016 according to McKinsey research. These improvements will become harder to sustain with new challenges facing mining companies (costs of labour, environmental concerns, depth of mines etc..). But technology can enable the continuity in productivity improvements. The challenge facing many mine sites is, how …

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Reduce potential downtime by inspecting ALL Undercarriage Components

The Undercarriage Equalizer Bar performs a critical undercarriage function, so identifying any potential problems that can be handled at planned maintenance stoppage would be ideal. Things to look for are: – Equalizer Bar damage – check that there is no damage or cracks in the bar itself Rubber Pad condition – check the condition of …

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