Archive February 2020 - TrackTreads - Undercarriage Management

Release Notes 6.2

Undercarriage Enhancements Rope Shovel reports have been a big focus of this release including the addition of multiple Crawler Frame Guides. We are continuously improving language handling and your custom reports are now available in the language of your choice. Component images are now more customisable so they more accurately reflect the family and model …

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The Importance of setting “Target Life”for Undercarriage Components

Undercarriage systems are made up of multiple components. Each component has its own distinct life span.  The challenge is to ensure the entire set of components achieves the greatest possible life, (The “Target Life”), for the system as a whole. This will depend on the weakest component. The individual components cannot be replaced individually when …

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Digitization of Inspection Management and the benefits it brings

Digitization is the process of converting a manual process into a digital format. There can be many reasons why this is done not least the following:- Increase the accuracy of data collection Increase the volume of data collection such as images, comments and calculated results from readings. In some cases, the history can be available …

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