Digitization is the process of converting a manual process into a digital format. There can be many reasons why this is done not least the following:-

  1. Increase the accuracy of data collection
  2. Increase the volume of data collection such as images, comments and calculated results from readings. In some cases, the history can be available to inspectors as a reference when measuring
  3. Increase the speed of data collection
  4. Storing of all the data in a central spot
  5. Giving multiple users access to the data and being able to provide an audit trail of usage, additions and adjustments
  6. Giving all stakeholders access to the data (e.g. A service provider collects the data in the field, an Interpreter evaluates the data, makes certain actionable recommendations and issues a report, a maintenance scheduler schedules the machine for maintenance, a work order is opened to complete the task identified)
  7. Ensure Corrective Actions are completed directly from the identified issues recorded at the inspection.
  8. Data collected is used to measure performance,
  9. Service providers identify sales opportunities
  10. Engineers and designers monitor patterns to improve product reliability and performance

The data then becomes a powerful tool enabling organisations to improve operations, make more informed decisions and pre-qualify sales opportunities.

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