Undercarriage components can make up more than 50% of the operating costs of tracked machines over the life of the machine. This can amount to large dollars in operations where there are multiple tracked machines. Operators will typically want to obtain the maximum life from the undercarriage components in the conditions under which the tracked machines are operating. Every job site environment and machine application is different leading to different expected component lives. Managing undercarriage therefore requires certain tasks to be done such as

  1. Regular measurement and inspections of all undercarriage components, generally every 500 hours
  2. Having the results of these inspections reviewed by an expert who will also provide corrective action recommendations to gain the greatest life from the components.
  3. Completing the tasks recommended by the expert.
  4. Recording all events relating to the undercarriage components during their life
  5. Reviewing comparative performance of the undercarriage components over their lives


The TrackTreads applicationĀ provides the capability of:

  • Planning and Scheduling of the undercarriage inspections with reminders alerts
  • Measurement in the field with an Ultrasonic Tool directly connected to a smartphone to calculate percentage worn instantaneously, images taken and comments recorded for inspected components.
  • Ability for an expert to view inspection results, forecast remaining life based on percentage worn and make action recommendations with budgeted costs.
  • Action recommendations can then be completed as tasks and recorded
  • Component performance reports can be reviewed for all the different types of components
  • Data is maintained in the cloud for easy web access for users without the worry of software installations.


Users can benefit from TrackTreads as follows:

  • Low cost system for managing all your undercarriage
  • Know the condition of your fleet of Tracked machines at a glance
  • Track a list of outstanding tasks to be completed from Action Recommendations
  • View the historical reports of inspections completed
  • View the historical performance of your undercarriage components