The Undercarriage Equalizer Bar performs a critical undercarriage function, so identifying any potential problems that can be handled at planned maintenance stoppage would be ideal.

Observation Points on the Equalizer Bar

Things to look for are: –

  1. Equalizer Bar damage – check that there is no damage or cracks in the bar itself
  2. Rubber Pad condition – check the condition of the rubber pads between the equalizer bar and the frame
  3. Center Pin Pivot shaft and Seal condition – check for leaks in the center pivot shaft seal and possible play in the Pin through pin wear
  4. Attachment Pins (lubricated) – check that the attachment pins have grease and look for signs of wear or play.
  • These Observation Points can all be included as Standard Inspection Observations on the TrackTreads Undercarriage Inspection Platform that inspectors are required to check.
  • Any issues observed may be an indicator of repairs or replacement parts required

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