Inspections with Mobile Application
- Follow a preset route to record for each chain set component.
- Multiple observation points.
- Multiple measurements with averages.
- Multiple recorded images.

Large volume of recorded images quickly formatted into your report.

Shovel Market
Inspection Kits Available
Inspections kits are available for measuring mining shovels.
Purchase the whole kit or just the parts you need.
Cloud Based Solution
Inspection data is synced with the cloud including all images and observations.
- Single repository of images.
- Standard formatting for all data
- Ability to access and compare data.
- Access all historical data.
- No installed software.
PDF Reports issued for each Inspection
Reports can be configured with all observations, summaries and images to;
- Illustrate measurements.
- Indicate issues.
- Provide historical reference.
Full Undercarriage History Log
Our system can be used by your team to record all repairs or replacements along with costs. This can be viewed at any time in a full history log along with a running total of cost per hour and component performance.
Component Performance Report
- Track the performance of critical components against industry averages.
- View component performance.
- View data graphically.
Mining Shovel Sketch
Audit Trail
Every inspection and action completed including costs is tracked and can be viewed in an audit trail. Since this undercarraige can last for years, discover the power the audit trail provides over time.
We can provide training either onsite and/or over the phone using Webex or Team Viewer. Sessions can be arranged to cover specific topics or the full training program for both the mobile application and the Cloud system.
Help Centre
A help centre is provided which provides instructions on how to use the software as well as the lastest release notes.
Friendly Support
The TrackTreads software is backed by an incredible in house customer support team with 8:30am - 5:30pm support.
We do provide 24/7 emergency call support for out of office emergencies if they are critical to your business.
Partners in providing technological solutions for measuring and managing shovel undercarriage components.

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