Undercarriage and GET are high cost, fast wearing parts on any machine. The result is that there is a lot of money associated with the replacement of these components, and many options available in the market. Customers purchase product based on price and product performance. Price is easy to calculate. Performance is very different. No different though to applying for a job. Your CV or Testimonial is a record of your achievements to date and prospective employers view this document to determine whether the person is fit for the position.

Viewing images of potential components to purchase provides no idea of whether the component will achieve the performance required.

All types of undercarriage components are available for sale, how does yours differ?

Testimonials of product performance based on actual measurements over the life of the part operating in the field, provide irrefutable evidence of the product performance. The more data that is collected over multiple machines, the better the data-set making up the testimonial. This testimonial can then be shown to prospective customers, just like your CV. The prospective customer can see the product performance and if you so choose, you could even put them in contact with ‘the references’ to check the validity of the inspection data. TrackTreads provides a system to collect Undercarriage and GET inspection data to create a complete data set of performance data for Testimonials of product performance.

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