Undercarriage inspections are the norm whether for a mine-site, construction fleet or in Sales and Service of Undercarriage components

Mine-sites use the inspection data to plan their maintenance on the tracked machines and monitor their cost per hour

Construction-Fleets use the inspections to monitor the condition of their fleet and forecast the undercarriage repair and replacement spend over the next financial period.

Service Providers and Dealers use the inspections to identify sales opportunities by identifying replacement part opportunities and maintenance work for the workshop.

No alternative to Undercarriage Inspections

In the early stages of adoption in the early 2000’s, the data from these inspections, gave the users an edge. Over time these inspections have become the norm, and the data no longer provides an edge, however those users without access to the inspection data are at an disadvantage. The value of this disadvantage is immeasurable.

There really is no alternative to regular undercarriage inspections for managing undercarriage and saving dollars.

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