Undercarriage repair and replacement cost a bucket load of money and maintenance crew are hard pressed just to stay on top of the current maintenance let alone spending time inspecting undercarriage. Knowing the true cost of intervention and replacements may lead to a different view on this.

In a prior article I talked about the cost of changing out too early when there is still life available in the components. This could be the cost of an entire set of undercarriage over the life of the machine. See this article: http://www.tracktreads.com/correct-undercarriage-component-replacement-stategies-save-money/

Inspect the Undercarriage to avoid the hidden costs

The converse is also scary! Changing out too late, where components are not repaired, or replaced, this can also lead to the premature failure of the surrounding components at great expense.

Take for instance a worn sprocket which can lead to increased wear on the bushes,


Damaged track rollers which then lead to an increased wear rate on the chain links.

Any increased wear rates means loss of money!

It’s a balancing act which needs to start with regular undercarriage inspections followed by a maintenance strategy to achieve the greatest life out of the components without leading to premature failure of the surrounding components. And don’t forget to always check Track tension – the leading cause of increased wear in the undercarriage components and the power train.

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