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TrackTreads is a cloud based undercarriage management solution.

What is TrackTreads?
TrackTreads is a complete software solution for managing a machines undercarriage. It provides a repository of your undercarriage inspection data, an inventory management system to ensure you are always ready when replacements are due, a scheduling system to ensure your machines are inspected when due, enables you to analyse component life performance and compare various makes, a full help centre with training material and videos for using both the software and general undercarriage advice, and so much more!
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What exactly can TrackTreads do for your operation?
Inspections With Mobile Application
Measurements are taken on components that make up the undercarriage using our state of the art mobile application and an ultrasonic measuring tool. This data is used to calculate how worn out these components are.
Undercarriage Specialists
Your undercarriage data is sent to our servers in the cloud where undercarriage specialists can review the readings and provide recommendations to you on the best action to take.
Expert Recommendations
Using the results and recommendations from our undercarriage specialists, you will be able to take actions intended to keep your machine operational for longer, keep your components in an acceptable condition, ensure maintenance occurs only when necessary, and achieve minimal downtime with maintenance by forecasting component life.
We can provide full training either in person or over the phone for you and your team on how to use the TrackTreads system, the mobile inspection app and anything else you might need.
Full Undercarriage History Log
Our system can be used by you and your team to record all events, inspections, replacements done on your undercarriage and it's components. This historical data is available for you to access and review at any time, anywhere.
Cloud Based Solution
TrackTreads operates in the cloud so all your data is accessible by you and your team anywhere you have an internet connection. No software installations are required, all you need is a browser!
Supports All Makes and Models
The system is setup and ready to support thousands of makes, models and all the components that make up their undercarriage. We have all the required data ready for you to get started right away.
Help Centre
A help centre is provided with information on everything you and your team needs. Videos on how to measure and perform inspections on your undercarriage, instructions on how to use the TrackTreads system, and even a Q&A forum supported by TrackTreads with additional help content.
Component Performance Report
Using all the data you have recorded into the TrackTreads system you can easily analyse and compare the performance of parts, which makes are lasting longer, which parts are you spending the most money on, etc.
Inventory Forecasting
Based on the machines in your territory and their usage, you can use inventory forecasting to avoid redundant stocks and reduce emergency delivery costs.
Chain Tracking
All your chains can be registered with their serial numbers. You have the ability to track their life from cradle to grave including all repairs, money spent etc. View the history of locations, what machines they were on and their condition at different inspections.
Amazing Support
The TrackTreads software is backed by an incredible in house customer support team with 8:30am – 5:30pm in office support. We also provide 24/7 emergency call support for out of office emergencies that are crucial to your business.

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