TrackTreads have now been providing undercarriage training to inspectors for the last 12 months. This enables customers with large tracked fleets and mine-sites wanting to manage their own undercarriage with the necessary skill set internally to be able to measure correctly and accurately. Many customers already manage their own tyres and rims and are looking for a similar capability within Undercarriage Management. TrackTreads provides both the Training, Inspection kits and the software to complete the entire task.

TrackTreads 12th Undercarriage Inspector Graduate Class

Undercarriage Inspector

Undercarriage Inspectors complete their final practical examination including getting under machines in the dust and grease.













Undercarriage Inspector Graduates are trained in a number of different areas:

  1. How to complete an undercarriage inspection – this includes measuring components correctly using all the different tools available including ultrasonics.
  2. Other Undercarriage Observations – the metal tells a story which could indicate operator techniques or component wear indications. Looking at all the different indicators provides a more complete picture of the machine undercarriage condition.
  3. How to inspect a Mining Shovel – these large machines are quite different to standard dozers and excavators and require special techniques to measure each component.
  4. Interpreting the images and calculated results – each inspector is trained to review each component within the overall undercarriage system to determine residual life and what repair or replacement tasks should be completed in order to achieve the maximum potential life from the undercarriage system.

Customers able to manage their own undercarriage have the power to make decisions which significantly reduce their operating costs per hour.