Undercarriage Inspection software is not the silver bullet to Undercarriage Management but rather an enabler. It is a highly specialized system to evaluate a small but expensive part of the larger puzzle of tracked equipment condition and maintenance management. It should become an integral part of every mine-sites future technology solution for planning and managing the return on assets.

Technology improves the speed and effectiveness of gathering and processing information. It allows a picture to be created from large volumes of data while highlighting the exceptions that need actioning.

Undercarriage Inspection data and results are often collected by External Service Providers with specialist knowledge and tools and then circulated back to the mine-site Reliability and Maintenance team via a report in the form of a PDFs

However, the Mine-site Reliability Team need access to the data electronically in order to: –

  • View the history of inspections and to track the performance of their undercarriage components
  • Provide the planners with a schedule of repairs to be scheduled between production
  • Provide budgets of future undercarriage spend
  • Record repairs and replacements that have occurred

The TrackTreads system can solve all these tasks by integrating with the Mine site ERP system through API’s. This allows the inspection data results to drive the maintenance planning, budgeting and performance while allowing either External Service Providers or internal staff to perform the inspections directly. It becomes one of the cogs in a far larger integrated environment allowing the flow of data between systems and users.

This enables both flexibility in data capture while ensuring a high level of control on high value, high wearing components of mobile tracked equipment without adding a burden of extra labour and tasks.

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