Undercarriage management for Mining Shovels

Mining Shovels are high impact machines, not just in relation to the work they do, but also by virtue of the impact they can have on your production timeline and your bottom line. For this reason, undercarriage management on these machines is particularly important. It is critical that you select, monitor and manage the correct undercarriage components effectively to avoid machine failures and the inevitable flow on expenses of these failures. Mining Shovels are critical Read more…

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Undercarriage management is not just a matter of inspection

Undercarriage Management is not just a matter of inspection Undercarriage maintenance costs can be as much as 50% of the total owning and operating costs of the machine. Managing these costs is not just a matter of reviewing historical costs in the management accounts. To manage the undercarriage with serious intent requires performing inspections regularly and then using the data collected to:- Maximise the life of the undercarriage components Ensure machine operating techniques will support Read more…

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Managing Undercarriage With Spreadsheets

Are you managing undercarriage data with spreadsheets? Do you spend lots of time preparing the data so that you can then manage and make decisions? If you do, you are not alone! The reason for this is simple! The tools for inspecting, measuring and managing the undercarriage inspection results are not readily available. The next best option is MS Excel, with lots of manual data entry and spreadsheet manipulation. Sound familiar to you? This is Read more…

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Managing Undercarriage Can Save You Money

Undercarriage components can make up more than 50% of the operating costs of tracked machines over the life of the machine. This can amount to large dollars in operations where there are multiple tracked machines. Operators will typically want to obtain the maximum life from the undercarriage components in the conditions under which the tracked machines are operating.

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TrackTreads Website Launched

Welcome to the new TrackTreads website! We’re excited to start filling it with interesting articles, case studies and news related to how our application can help you save thousands through management of the maintenance on your machines undercarriage.