All the assistance you need to empower your operation with TrackAdvice

Training is provided on site where required and depending on staff availability. Our TrackAdvice experts travel to you and train you and your team, giving them all the skills they need to work with the TrackAdvice system.

Undercarriage Inspection

Training includes practical on site testing and skills assessment.

Remote Training

We can provide remote training sessions where we will remotely walk you through the system and answer any questions that you may have.

Undercarriage Workshops forums are being run worldwide and are aimed at training Undercarriage experts so companies can manage and monitor their Undercarriage in-house, without the need to employ outside subject matter experts.
For more information or to enquire about the nearest workshop to you,
see the Training Workshops page.

How to Operate the Undercarriage and GET Management Software
All facets of the software are covered from Equipment Setup, use of the mobile inspection platform to the interpretation and issue of the report. Also included are specific fault diagnosis

Training focuses on different catagories of users:-
- Inspectors and Interpreters
- Managers viewing the overall fleet condition
- System administrators

How to Perform an Inspection
This section of the training covers the physical measurement of components in the correct way based on the measurement tool being used. This ensures inspectors measure accurately, consistently using an internationally recognised method.
Includes in the field lessons and examination.

Operating the Ultrasonic Tool and Temperature Gun
The technical specifications are covered to ensure students understand the technology and can make adjustments or diagnose faults when required.
Methods of Training
Training can be provided online. Addtionaly our specialists can visit onsite to perform face to face training which ensures students are properly trained and skills are assessed prior and post training sessions.

If you want to find out more or organise training for you and your team, get in touch with us at +61 3 9553 1055.