Remote Training

Training is provided via on line Training Programs and a Help Center. Giving your team all the skills they need to work with the Tracktreads system, allowing your team to learn at a time that suits them and your business.

This is supported with remote training sessions scheduled with our team.

All facets of the software are covered from Equipment Setup, use of the mobile inspection platform to the interpretation and issue of the report. Also included are specific fault diagnosis

Training focuses on different categories of users:-

– Inspectors and Interpreters
– Managers viewing the overall fleet condition
– System administrators.

Undercarriage Inspection

Training can also include practical on site skills assessment and support.

Please contact us should you need further details

This section of the training covers the physical measurement of components in the correct way based on the measurement tool being used. This ensures inspectors measure accurately, consistently using an internationally recognised methods. This is now also covered online.