The v6.0 release includes a number of Undercarriage bug fixes and improvements, with the biggest changes in this version being the release of the new Mobile App for Android. For details regarding the new App please contact us so we can assist you with the installation.

There are also additional enhancements to the Undercarriage system and the GET/Wear Surface System, also listed below.

Undercarriage Enhancements

Rope Shovel inspections have been a big focus of this release. Both the Mobile App and the Web App have had dozens of small enhancements and bug fixes. Rope shovels differ greatly from general tracked equipment and we are continuing our commitment to ensuring you can manage ALL tracked equipment in the system.

With a growing number of customers using the Web App on iPads and other tablets, we have also adjusted some of the pages to allow for non-standard resolutions. You will no longer be searching for things cut off the bottom of small screens.

We are continuously improving language handling and v6.0 includes improved Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages, we can add any language on request.

GET/Wear Surface Enhancements

Along with a number of bug fixes, the GET/Wear Surface system has had some major improvements in the Copy Implement feature to further simplify the creation and modification of multiple identical implements.
Further improvements to the grouping of components on the report and better arrangement of the schematics gives users more control over how your components appear and with only relevant schematics with each grouping. Additional graphs on the reports have been allowed for and will be coming next.

The history is now viewable by Implement or by Machine and the rebuild feature shows each cycle the implement has been through complete with hours, BCM and Tonnage as well as any costs related to the cycle.

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