Version 7.0 is focused on the Undercarriage system and adds variety of new setup options and report improvements. It also includes the ability to add multiple images to all component inspection records.


New Chain and Frame Configurations

When setting up your frames the system now includes the option to record the frame style of Straight or Toe Out, and to select if the cannon is Cast or Fabricated. On chains you can now select if the shoes have cleaner holes.


Report Improvements

Along with the new Chain and Frame fields, we have also made more fields available on reports. These include Chain and Frame Serial numbers and additional Unit numbers.
If you would like more information on how your report can be customised to fit your needs, contact us at


Ongoing Improvements and Bug Fixes

As with all software, the TrackTreads system is constantly growing and developing. This means finding and resolving any bugs that are identified. Version 7.0 addresses a number of identified bugs in the mobile Apps and in the Web App. We strive to address customer identified issues as soon as we possibly can.

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