Custom Evaluations

We have now implemented a system where you can customise the evaluation percentages and letters for your undercarriage inspections. The traditional A, B, C and X system will still be used with default percentage ranges for each, but you can now customise these on a per site customer or jobsite basis and set specific ranges for each component type. You can also choose not to use the C evaluation and just have A, B and X.

If you would like more information on how Custom Evaluations can improve your asset wear management, contact us at

Duplicate Machines and Customers

With different Dealerships often servicing the same sites and machines, we have changed the validation so duplicate customer names and machine Serial/Unit number combinations can be entered as long as they are linked to different Dealer Groups.

Improved Report Selection and User access display

With an eye on providing the best privacy and confidentiality in the system, we have now further limited the visibility of reports and what user access can be viewed by dealership administrators for users connected to multiple dealerships.

Other Improvements

Enter and Display alternate implement serial numbers
Export Rope Shovel inspections for advanced trouble shooting
Streamline the mobile App syncing process for improved inspection syncing
Added pre inspection Safety checklists to Wear Surface (GET) inspections
Improved speed on Interpretation page
Added auto comments on mobile app inspection pages
Added further translations for component types
Added Action history to equipment details screen with export option

…and more

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