Web – Small adjustments to screens to improve user friendliness.

Reports – Rope Shovel Report – Layout Changes


Web – User Preferences – ability to move Inspection and Jobsite comments entry on the mobile.

Web – User Preferences – Ability to set Component Inspection Order

Web – User Preferences Ability to set number of readings per component. 

Mobile Settings – Inspection/Jobsite Comments display – Equipment Conditions Screen or Equipment Details Screen

Mobile Setting – Multiple measurements can be set to on and include default number of readings per component type.

Mobile Settings – Inspection order – allows setting of order in which components appear in summary screen for inspection.

Mobile Settings – Component Details – allows flagged component details to be changed by recording details.

User Settings – Improvements to the Basic User settings


Mobile – create and inspect a chain in the field, add images and comments, set current action state, and overall status of chain.

Web Inventory – Create Chains, Frames and Idlers in inventory, inspect, adjust Hours on components and budgets

Web Inventory – Chains/Frames/idlers perform actions to update status of individual components with costs.

Web Inventory – Set base model for chains/Frames so can install on any model with same base model through action screen.

Web Inventory Available Base Models

Web Inventory Improvements to the Filter Criteria on Search Function

Web Inventory Display images and comments on Inventory popup

Web Inventory Reviewed and improved speed of Inventory Search on Dashboard

Component Flagging and adjustment to details

Mobile – can edit Component description, brand, Identification #’s and other details.

Web – flagged component indicated within Search inspections screen – then open and adjust in interpretation screen.                            Component changed keeps the same instance ID in the database so will continue to track with same life data.

Web – Carrier Roller – Show/Hide – must always be included when machine setup.


Mobile – Multiple Measurements on the Mobile now set with default number of readings per component set.

Mobile – Bush Measurements include Forward and Reverse input.

WebInterpretation Screen – can view the multiple readings taken.

Web – Additional Observations, New Question and Answer Types can be set. When numerical, can then include limits.

Web – Interpretation Screen – Improvements to the usability of the Action Recommendation Standard Rules usage

Add Auto Comment to Inspections

Web and Mobile – New Components created for:- Track Wear, Track Sag, Cannon Extension, Dry Joints, Scallop Measurement, Link Count for each side


Reports – Adjust default report logos.

Reports – Create Fleet Telerik Report for dozer outstanding actions to be completed – accessed from dashboard


Previous reading needs to display tool used for that reading.

Only display tools that have wear limits loaded.

Mobile app send report needs updating to Telerik report.

Inventory – Ability to Inspect Chains with Actions Taken


Web – Thermography inspections allow documents to be saved.


Mobile – improved creation of chains and frames WSRE and then adding data and syncing.

Mobile – reloading previously created chains and frames so can now edit and add further data.

Web – worked through issues of data syncing.

Report – WSRE Chain – new report format in Telerik

Report – WSRE Frame – new report format in Telerik


GET Web – Editing Observation Points – Modify Implement screen have included X and Y Coordinates so can adjust manually

GET Web – Inspections can now be hidden

GET Web – can edit inspection date and SMU

GET Inspection History – Set current measurement to 0 when the component was changed.

GET Inspections – resolved issue of doubling up of inspection data from prior inspections especially comments and images


Remove comment that signals replace action in General Comments Box

Improvements to the Underground Bucket Report


Please show mm or inches in measurement box


Create ‘Forgot Username’ link on log in screen.

Add a popup image on Login.

Sort audit trail first by date and then by LTD

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