Data that is collected over multiple inspections creates a dataset that can be extremely valuable to your business. So how can this be the case? Well there are a few reasons

  1. the dataset collected is specifically to your fleet of machines operated in your environment by your operators. This fact alone makes the dataset unique.
  2. This dataset provides a benchmark for the operating conditions of the equipment and what performance can reasonably be achieved from the equipment’s components. The more data that is included in the dataset, the more reliable the benchmark.
  3. A reliable Dataset provides the foundation for business decisions relating to equipment
  4. Once the benchmark is established, adjustments can be made to improve component life performance, with the resulting reduction in costs.
  5. The benchmark provides a baseline of equipment operating costs which can be used for quoting on future projects

The Quality of the dataset

  1. In order for the data set to be valid, the data collected needs to be:-
    • Standardised format,
    • Accurate
    • Well supported with measurements taken to a standard
    • Images which illustrate potential problems
    • Comments.
  2. All Undercarriage inspections, Structural, PM Service, prestart, Pre-Rental and Post Rental inspections should be performed on Mobile Digital Devices for standardised, accurate and efficient data collection and avoid transcription