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Until now the TrackTreads system for both Undercarriage and Wear surface monitoring of GET and structural components has been focused directly on measurements and evaluations of components and defined observation points. With new Digital Forms, you can now create custom forms that can include the existing observation points as well as a range of other related questions of various types (multiple choice, multiple selection, True/False, free text answers) that can be used to give a fuller and more complete picture of machine health. Questions can be stand alone or be linked directly to existing components to collect measurements and evaluations based on the setup and configuration of those components. For those who have used the current GET system, the new Digital Forms radically expands on the current system of Observation point based inspections. These forms are used in a new Digital Field Inspections (DFI) mobile app as well as in the browser based Web Application. Supervisors can monitor forms in real time as they are filled in by 1 or more inspectors in the field.

Digital Forms also form the basis for the next big addition to the TrackTreads system, the upcoming component rebuild tracker that will allow workshops to track and monitor rebuilds and repairs.


Android Play Store and Windows App Store compatibility

With 7.1 we have also added the DFI Android mobile app to the Android Play Store. Using the Play store will allow for simpler installation and automatic updates to your mobile app as new versions are released.

We are also testing the Digital Field Inspections App on the MS Store with support for Windows Surface tablets and standard Windows 10 support.

We plan on having all mobile Apps available in Apple, Android and MS Stores over the next couple of months.

Ongoing Improvements and Bug Fixes

As with all software, the TrackTreads system is constantly growing and developing. This means finding and resolving any bugs that are identified. Version 7.1 addresses a number of identified bugs in the mobile Apps and in the Web App. We strive to address customer identified issues as soon as we possibly can.

Some of the bugs addressed in this version are;

  • GET Component replacement no KB and no way out
  • Date format on GET report
  • Safety Forms not rendering correctly in edit screen
  • Forms not showing answers
  • Forms, adding and removing photos bug
  • Safety Dashboard Incident count
  • Safety Application Add person Layout
  • Improved filtering of forms
  • Larger text boxes on Safety Forms
  • Safety forms email not sending

Our commitment to providing the best systems we can depends on you. We are here help you get the most out of the TrackTreads system so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all.

We pride ourselves on being a user driven company, so if there are any additions or enhancements you think we should include, email us. We will consider any and all user suggestions.

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