TrackTreads has developed a solution that enables customers to collect and manage their own Undercarriage and Wear Surface inspection data. The system then provides wear forecasting calculated from the inspection data as well as other usage metrics and reports including cost analysis.

Customers wanting to manage and control their undercarriage and Wear Surfaces receive end to end support from the TrackTreads team that includes;

  • The software system in 2 cloud based modules along with a Mobile application for collecting field inspection data in both IOS and Android.
  • A complete Inspection Toolkit including an Ultrasonic tool.
  • Training so that inspectors know how to use the software and how to complete an inspection along with identifying specific observation points.
  • Ongoing support to resolve any problems the customer may encounter with the data or processes.

The Tracktreads undercarriage solution enables users to;

  • Inspect any undercarriage component across all OEM’s and models of machines, from small excavators to the largest rope shovels.
  • View the calculated Percent worn and a calculated forecast of the residual life of each component.
  • Create a budget of future undercarriage spend from the data
  • Analyse historical performance data in hours or dollars.
  • Identify and plan for future tasks needing to be performed on equipment.

The Wear Surface Solution enables customers to inspect and manage any wear surface on the site including: –

  • Buckets
  • Dozer blades
  • dipper buckets
  • chassis and boom structures

It also provides for the observation and tracking of cracks and the speed of their propagation.

TrackTreads Customer Support

The TrackTreads team is committed to providing the highest level of service to support their customers to successfully gain the value by managing the condition of their fleet in these 2 specific areas.

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