Technology is everywhere today and is being used to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Undercarriage and Wear Surface management are a perfect example.

In the past, components were inspected manually, with readings jotted on paper before being transferred to some system, generally a spreadsheet. The measurements were then compared with previous data and whatever wear limits were available to assess the % of wear and to try and plot a wear trend/rate. Graphing of the data was another challenge, requiring users to update Excel graphs every time new measurements were added. Advances in technology have completely changed the game. Technology enables end users to perform their own inspections and analyse their data, make choices of what actions to take and what components perform best in their environment.

Customers wanting to manage and control their undercarriage and Wear Surfaces receive end to end support from the TrackTreads team that includes;

The time it took, the accuracy and the energy involved it putting the data together have now all been replaced by technology:-

  1. A reminder is sent for an inspection due
  2. The inspector arrives onsite with the inspection toolkit and mobile app already preloaded with historical data
  3. The inspector takes a reading using an ultrasonic tool or other measurement tools, this is automatically translated into a % worn and compared to the previous reading.
  4. Photos are taken to illustrate a defect and comments recorded
  5. The inspector then syncs the data with the cloud
  6. The results can then be viewed and reported, and actions generated to fix any issues.

No time is taken to transfer data or prepare the data ready to make decisions on actions to be taken. Graphical reports are available at the press of a button and can be instantly emailed in seconds. Technology has replaced all the time-consuming data re-entry and preparation allowing the experts to spend the time making informed decisions and plan maintenance actions.

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