Large Mobile Mining Fleet

Mechanical and Structural Inspections

TrackTreads includes within its suite of Field Inspection Software Tools, a module to convert paper forms to digital Inspections. Digital Inspections can cover any type of inspection, from PM Service, Daily- Prestart’s to Mechanical and Structural Reliability Inspections

The software is specifically built to Field Inspect many different aspects of the equipment


  • Tracking Replacements
  • Measure wear
  • Record Condition

Wear Plates and Component Core

  • Measure thickness against predefined limits
  • Indicate Condition

Pins and Bushes

  • Indicate Condition & measure against specification

Structural Crack Mapping

  • Identify Cracks & perform weld integrity checks
  • Draw Cracks on schematics
  • Set limits of crack length and forecast repairs
  • Toggle to show/hide repaired cracks

Steering Ball Stud Crack Testing

  • Audit Trail of Safety crack testing
  • Forecast next inspection & send reminder alerts

The following process follows the steps

Key Attributes and Benefits of Digitising Inspections

  • Makes the task of data collection easier for the inspector by providing not only the diagrams but instructions and previous inspection readings for reference.
  • Data is in real time; warning alerts enable supervisors to react quicker
  • The digital version of a paper form eliminates many of the shortcomings of paper forms; damaged or lost filed forms, manual data entry, manual labour
  • Digital forms empower quicker and more appropriate data driven decisions
  • Increases operational efficiency by reducing transcription of data, intensifies quality and accuracy of the data and reports and reduces human error.
  • Ensures consistency of data collection across a family of assets
  • Diversified work teams can access the data in their own work time and regions
  • New Team members can be brought up to speed on the methodology quicker
  • Cloud Based Data available in many formats across multiple devices giving portability and availability in predefined reports or as raw data.
  • Entire Fleet Condition can be viewed on single dashboard
  • Track Crack patterns on a time axis across a Machine Model Chassis or structure
  • Residual life forecast for each component is generated from the inspection data
  • Corrective Actions can be planned by reliability specialists based on Condition.
  • Plan and monitor inspection activity, identify further training where required
  • Move data seamlessly to and from the system using standard API’s
  • Eliminate unscheduled down time
  • Increased visibility to the business by using the cloud platform from workshop to CFO.
  • Analyse past 12 months maintenance coststoformulate future 12 months budgets.
  • Schedule replacement components reducing the need to carry excessive inventory.
  • Improved Audit documentation
  • Warranty claims.