IOS, Android and Microsoft Environments – built to operate on your existing hand-held devices whether mobile phone or tablet

Collect, Analyze and Action data efficiently – Data collected in the field automatically presented for analysis, decision making and efficient actioning. Flags raised by field inspectors can automatically notify supervisors or reliability teams for immediate attention

Comply with Health and Safety Requirements – Easily identify non-compliant assets, with full process for managing identified issues, corrective actions, and history

Customize your own Forms – Custom, digital inspection forms create a uniform approach to inspection. A full audit trail of activities is maintained, and historical inspections can be accessed immediately. Question can be formatted with many different options and include instruction on how to perform the question, images comments and flagging for items requiring attention.

Paperless Instructions – Flag non-compliances, capture and annotate photos, comment, or record measurements against preset limits.

On & Offline Operation – field inspectors can operate online or offline in the field depending on WIFI or Mobile service coverage.

Create Observation Points in the Field – cracks identified in the field on structural type inspections can have limits set and will appear on subsequent inspections to monitor crack propagation rates and forecast remaining time left before crack needs hits critical length and requires repair. Images and position on schematic can be transferred automatically to work orders.

Improve Business Efficiency – The Cloud and Mobile platforms allow the immediate and direct flow of inspection data from the field to the experts, with anomalies flagged for their immediate attention. This allows the experts to review only the highlighted items needing attention, resulting in more efficient use of their resource. Tasks are actioned quicker, more directly with more reliability resulting in a more efficient reliability team.

Field data capture Online or offline – Our TrackTreads app for Field Data collection operates on Android, Apple or Microsoft Surface Pro – making digital inspection fast, accurate and reliable.

Inspectors can load their inspections or equipment before going offline to capture inspection results in the field. When in range of Wi-Fi of 4G Cellular network, the system will automatically update the web portal with data already captured giving real time reporting availability.

Field data collection via the app is built for safe devices, enabling observations, comments and images to be captured. Images can be reviewed and annotated. Structural drawings or schematics with observation points can be measured using Ultrasonic Tools or manual tools with measurements being captured automatically via blue tooth or manually entered. Each question of observation point can include detailed instructions and diagrams covering safety and every aspect of how to perform the observation, thus removing the need for paper documentation and multiple field tools.

Mobile Field Inspections – TrackTreads digital dashboard streamlines inspection management.



Field Inspections are easily scheduled and released to the field inspectors – as each question is completed, the Web Portal is automatically updated with results including images, comments and flags for any items requiring immediate attention by the supervisor. On completion of the field inspection, the results will be reviewed by Reliability Engineers and experts. Action items can be raised and attached to work requests. Immediate access to historical inspection results enables trends in the data to be easily spotted.

The Portal provides a view of all current inspections in progress against each asset with drill down to the detail capability. Questions updated in real-time provide supervisors with a view of the current status of each question and the entire inspections % completion

Users benefit from automated flow of data, with a full audit trail of workflow activities, and inspection history.

Multiple Inspectors – each inspection form can be made available to a team of people across multiple shifts and trades allowing each inspector to answer their section of the form. The status of each question and this the entire form being updated continuously on the web portal

Full Inspection History – all data is stored in a single location without ever being deleted ensuring critical information is never lost. It also provides access to a full history of all inspections completed. This provides a useful audit trail for health and safety compliance as well as maintenance issues observed, and whether resolved or recurring periodically.

All the standardized data provides a clear picture for engineering analysis and ultimately supporting more predictive maintenance modelling.

Dynamic Syncing and Updating – if in range of Cellular network or Wifi, mobile devices will sync with the Web Portal periodically to provide inspection status update to supervisors. Any flagged issues will be raised for supervisor’s attention immediately. Supervisors can view in as close to real time the progress of the inspection in the field.

Mobile Technologies Supported – Android, Apple, Microsoft supported using tablets, mini tablets, or phones. This enables internal users and external suppliers to operate the system provided they have access through username and password. Obtaining the app s from the various stores incurs no cost

Integration/API – standard API’s can provide the data seamlessly to normal business operating systems for managing work order activity and others. This integration provides business critical systems with the high level of field specific functionality.

Data is also available via data cubes to provide engineers the ability to dissect the data across the fleet in whatever way best suits the specific analysis.

Full Defect management Closeout – the TrackTreads platform (Mobile app and Web Portal) provides a powerful closed loop tool to ensure issues identified in the field receive attention, assessment, actioning and are closed out once complete. Each step is included in the audit trail ensuring complete traceability and ownership. Management can also view all outstanding items with ageing

Inspection Reports – each inspection can be viewed in PDF format as a blank form or completed form report.

Dashboard – not available yet

Digital Inspection Process Setup and Training – in keeping with the digital process, the system has been made simple and intuitive to use. Online training videos provide users with immediate access to training on the specific areas of functionality.

Roles & Permissions – access to the system is controlled with username and password security. Each user is provided with a role, or multiple roles. Each Role provides access to different functionality thus enabling areas and business functions to be controlled by specific roles

Inspection Scheduling: inspections can be scheduled based on periodic selection. This ensures inspections are not missed and disparate teams are included in the process regardless of geographic location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data backed-up:  yes, automatically everyday

Is my data protected: the data is stored on Amazon Web services servers in Virginia. They have extensive firewall protection since they host USA government services. Servers can still be hacked, but this is by far the best environment that we have operated in so far

What infrastructure does this operate in: Amazon Web services servers in Virginia USA

What industries are supported: Mining, Construction Earth-moving Agriculture

How will TrackTreads support users: 24 hour telephone support is available along with our help center which includes help files, frequently asked questions, videos and other tools to assist users. Online person to person/group training is available to users

Can TrackTreads be integrated with other systems: yes, standard API’s are available, and our team of programmers can develop any further links where required

Can TrackTreads be on-sold under my brand: yes, the system can be provided as a grey label allowing you to brand the system with your own branding and then charging your customer according to your model of service provision.

Is the software easy to use and learn: yes, the system has been operational for over 5 years so many features have been introduced over time to make it simple and easy to use, and there is lots of help and training material available to assist

Can the TrackTreads software be modified to suit my needs: yes, TrackTreads have a team of programmers and design engineers to help design and program features to suit you individual needs. Some features make attract a small development cost.