Undercarriage Inspection Tool Kit

Another Undercarriage Inspection Kit heads out to a team of cts (Custom Track Service) inspectors on a Minesite in Australia Items include: 1. Ultrasonic Tool and Probe 2. Depth Gauge 3. Tape measure 4. Ruler 5. 2 X Calipers 6. String-Line 7. Scraper TrackTreads provides the Toolkits, Software and Training to help Inspectors carry out Undercarriage and Bucket Inspections. Let us know if you need assistance at: www.TrackTreads.com

Creating Benchmarks for Undercarriage performance

Study of Benchmarks for Undercarriage Management

Last year, we were asked by and Asset Manager seeking insights into the average worn percentage of undercarriage components at their end of life. His aim was to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure his team. This inquiry instigated numerous deliberations regarding the definition of average up to exemplary performance. Given our unique access to a decade’s worth of data, we initiated a study to substantiate whether, on average, undercarriage components achieve or exceed Read more…