Most machines are managed by the number of hours on the machine. On dozers and Excavators or shovels, this is not always a true indicator of wear on the undercarriage components for the following reasons: –

  • Dozers can be idling for a period of time especially in the cold climates.
  • Excavators and shovels do not move any real distance while digging.

TrackTreads Undercarriage Management Software now provides the tracking distance travelled for each component. This also includes forecasting residual distance available for each component. This is a far more effective way of measuring the component performance over its life than a measurement based on hours.

All that is required is the collection of the distance travelled, both forward and reverse at each inspection. The system will then complete the remaining calculations.

The Goal of TrackTreads Undercarriage Management is to enable users to manage their tracked machines through the use of a combination of tools: –  

  1. Inspection tools to measure components,
  2. Software system to collect the inspection results and automatically calculate the % worn.
  3. Videos and pointers on how to measure the components with each measurement tool.
  4.  Guides on what component faults to look for on each type of UC component.