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The dollars and Data Science behind Condition Based Maintenance Strategies

Condition–based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the actual condition of the components to decide what maintenance needs to be done.  CBM means maintenance intervention only when components are showing early signs of failure and the corrective actions performed, should put the component life back on track to achieve full life. The reduced maintenance interventions give rise to large potential …

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Regular Structural Inspections are your Insurance Policy against costly Catastrophic Failures

Chassis, dump bodies and all complex welded structures are subjected to loading and torsional stresses during everyday use. Regular inspection and recording of cracks and condition enable a picture to be established of the structures general condition and when repair should be completed before a catastrophic failure occurs. Using the TrackTreads Structural Inspection tool, enables …

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Field Inspection Images replace a thousand words

Images snapped in the field during an inspection to illustrate an issue identified creates a richer view of the problem and will often replace a thousand-word description of the problem. This saves enormous amounts of time which is money! Images speed up the inspection process because they save having to describe the issue in words …

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