It is no secret that managing the undercarriage components results in a fuller productive life and thus lower overall cost. Every tracked machine should have the track components managed, as these components are expensive due to the extra heat treatments and machining. A fairly well know statistic is that Undercarriage makes up more than50% of the maintenance costs of a tracked machine

There are a few tasks which are core to successful management of undercarriage, and also provide a wealth of useful information and benefits:

  1. Recording when and what components of undercarriage are installed on the machine
  2. Performing regular inspections to measure wear percentage and most importantly identify any areas of accelerated wear and the cause thereof.
  3. Performing proactive repairs and maintenance tasks that will reduce and alleviate the accelerated wear and allow the components to achieve their maximum life
  4. Recording when the undercarriage components are fully worn out and are replaced.

Ensuring the above tasks are performed is simply a skill that is learned or taught. This is a must for anyone looking to seriously manage their undercarriage and reduce their costs.

The TrackTreads system provides then complete framework to easily record each of the different steps above and ensures every component is tracked from cradle to grave after which it becomes a historical record for reference and benchmarking.