Manage Your GET, Dump Body Core, and Wear Packages Keep track of all aspects of the implement from GET, wear packages, to the structure of the implement itself including dump bodies. Capture inspection observations and measurements in the field, and then record repairs and replacements to build a complete picture and history of your GET and dump bodies.

Analyse Component Performance and Value

Monitor the performance of GET components in different environments to find the best wear rate performance. Track repairs and replacements for cost performance analysis. Use all the data manage and reduce cost per hour of operation for the entire fleet. Commitment Schematic Images of Implement  Each Implement can have muliple schematics/Images with Observation points Observation Points
  • Can be measured¬†
  • Can have comments accompanied by multiple images to describe the nature of the problems observed
  • Can be flagged for immediate attention
  • Can add a new Crack identified in the field
Inspections With Mobile Application Our state of the art mobile applicationenables each implement or dump body to have different schematic views, capturing of measurements using an ultrasonic tool to accurately calculate percentage worn Record observations and comments. Inspections can be done offline with prior inspection data displayed for reference and then synced with the cloud for further analysis. Undercarriage Inspector Photo

Future Inspections and Event Forecasting The daily planner automatically calculates when the next inspections are due along with events that need to be completed. Viewing and Exporting Inspection Data All inspections can be viewed along with images and comments. Recommended corrective actions can be viewed and where necessary, the data can be exported to excel or your ERP system for work order creation. Our system can be used by your team to record all repairs, replacements, and costs. This can be viewed at any time in a full history log along with a running total of cost per hour and component performance. TrackAdvice Screenshot

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