Creating Benchmarks for Undercarriage performance

Last year, we were asked by and Asset Manager seeking insights into the average worn percentage of undercarriage components at their end of life. His aim was to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure his team. This inquiry instigated numerous deliberations regarding the definition of average up to exemplary performance.

Given our unique access to a decade’s worth of data, we initiated a study to substantiate whether, on average, undercarriage components achieve or exceed 70% wear at the end of their lifecycle. This could become a Benchmark for overall Undercarriage Management Effectiveness. Thus, the concept of “Undercarriage Overall % Worn at Scrapping” emerged as a straightforward KPI, serving as a metric to gauge the average wear percentage across all undercarriage components upon replacement. This metric spells out the efficacy of reliability Engineers and Suppliers in managing wear until the end of a component’s lifecycle.

At this juncture, we extend an invitation to owners and suppliers of dozers worldwide to furnish their current performance data alongside details concerning their operational environments. All submissions will be aggregated at an environmental level, and contributors are assured anonymity. We wholeheartedly welcome all contributions, as they will undoubtedly enhance the precision of our study.

The following link will open a form for the input of data

We look forward to sharing the results with you and providing these Benchmarks so you can monitor your performance against the new standard.