Wear Material comes at a higher cost because the components include extra elemental inclusions and further heat treatment in the hardening process. To gain the full benefit from these components requires achieving a full useful life. Any accelerated wear on the component will lead to a shortened life span and lost value. To gain a full useful life, the components need to be managed. To manage the components, they need to be measured.

Undercarriage – these components are expensive and make up more than 50% of the maintenance costs of a tracked machine. Inspections are made easy with the TrackTreads Inspection Tooling. Dozers should be measured every 500 hours while excavators and shovels need to be measured closer to 2000 hours. Tracking of the components from cradle to grave enables a proper assessment of life and cost/hour performance. Inspections provide regular updates on the wear of the component, but more importantly identify accelerated wear and the potential causes. The TrackTreads Undercarriage Management system part of the TrackTreads Wear Management Toolkit provides a complete solution to enable any tracked machine to be inspected and managed. AI helps to identify wear patterns and the potential causes and remedial activities.

Buckets and GET – these are trickier to manage as generally shovels are operational as much as possible. GET needs replacement when missing or blunt, and the core of the bucket must be measured to determine when it should be scheduled for rebuild. Cracks need to be identified and their propagation rates monitored, and when required, welded. All of this requires continual monitoring and management. All these tasks and more are made possible within the TrackTreads Wear Management Toolkit