Condition monitoring is one of the pillars of equipment Maintenance. Every maintenance department ensures Oil samples are taken regularly, but that wasn’t necessarily the case 20 years ago. Imagine asking a maintenance department today if they take oil samples and being told, ‘No, we’re too busy to take Oil Samples’. The importance of regular oil sampling was identified as cost effective for the money it saved and thus, a new norm industry norm was established.

The same could be said for Undercarriage Inspections. It would be hard to find any maintenance department who are not completing regular undercarriage inspections on their tracked machines these days. Another industry norm was established in this area of condition monitoring, because as with oil sampling, undercarriage inspections make and save more money than they cost.

TrackTreads provides a unique system to manage undercarriage inspection data for all makes and models of tracked machines. From taking inspection measurement in the field to calculating percent worn and residual life remaining on each undercarriage component and then detailed analytics and history, the TrackTreads system has been built to make it easier and more accessible to measure, monitor and manage tracked machines.

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