Undercarriage inspections collect inspection data from the field and allow the calculation of the current degree of wear on each undercarriage component and also allow a forecast of the remaining life on that component.  This is just the beginning of the information that then becomes available.

As with any area of a business, good management will result in savings; and Undercarriage Management is a potential goldmine of savings.

Warranty – most undercarriage components are covered by some form of warranty and where there is premature wear or failure, a certain amount of money can be recovered. In order to make a successful warranty claim, the components condition needs to be tracked along with the hours on the component.

Premature changeout of components – if components are changed out before they achieve 100% worn, this can result in lost value. The value lost is typically twice the value since a new component will be wearing in place of the old one. The art of managing undercarriage components is to try and balance the life of all the components to 100% worn keeping in mind the cost of extra maintenance, repairs costs and the cost of premature changeouts. None of this can be done without knowing the percent worn and residual life available on each of the components

Accelerated wear on components – where there is accelerated wear of components due to operator or any other reason, if this is not recognised early and rectified, the expected life of the component will not be achieved leading to premature failure. Since each component is part of a larger system, this can also lead to accompanying costs of repair to the other components so that the entire undercarriage system can achieve 100% wear. Accelerated wear can only be recognised through inspection and comparison with previous inspection data.

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