Technology is everywhere today, being used to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Undercarriage Management is no different and any customer operating tracked machines is using Undercarriage Management and Asset Wear Monitoring Systems to track the condition and performance of their components and plan maintenance activities. OEM’s or Manufacturers and their dealer network are using these systems to not only provide their customers with asset condition reports, but to also identify opportunities for repair and replacements where they are needed.

Inspections are the foundation of Condition based Maintenance Planning

TrackTreads strives to provide customers with all the necessary functionality to enable them to manage all field type inspections from Undercarriage all the way through to any Wear Surface requiring monitoring, whether fixed or mobile plant. This includes all makes and models of machine across Mining, Construction, Forestry and Demolition amongst others.

TrackTreads remains independent from any OEM, focusing entirely on the development and support of these systems to empower their customers to manage their fleets.