Introducing Thermography Inspections

TrackTreads has been working with IIAT to include thermographic inspection data in the system and this is now available. As well as thermographic measurement of all standard undercarriage components, the system also allows for the creation of any additional components where thermographic imaging is used to assess performance. These inspections are available from the equipment details along with standard undercarriage inspections. Thermographic inspection data can identify internal failure of components before external signs are identified. You can also view the inspections side by side and identify correlations between increased temperature and component wear and view thermographic trends over time.

If you would like more information on how Thermography Inspections can improve your asset wear management, contact us at

Other Improvements

V6.6 includes a number of small bug fixes and enhancements including;

Improved handling of Miles and KMs
Final changes to fully integrate SSL security (https)
Further improvements to the multi-language feature
Component replacement improvements
Improvements to GET/Assett wear Management reports
Further customisations available for undercarriage reports
…and more

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