TrackTreads Component Rebuild Centre software system focusses on tracking the detail of the rebuild at granular level to ensure a complete audit trail and accurate costing for any large component rebuild: –

  1. During the disassembly process, each observation points condition is analysed through inspection. This could be diminished material thickness due to wear and tear, Pin and bush diameters of that are no longer in spec causing play, or cracks appearing in the metal and welds due to stresses. Each point is identified and compared with the specification and recorded with multiple images measurements and comments.
  2. Recording the Labour and materials costs required to bring each observation point back to as new specification. These are then summed to provide a complete quote for the entire component.
  3. Tracking the progress of each observation point as it is repaired or rebuilt while recording images of the progress, to ensure that a complete history of the repair is logged.

Recording this level of detail ensures: –

  • each complex rebuild can be used as a template for future rebuilds including time and costs.
  • a complete record is maintained for every inch of the component creating a warranty certificate of work completed.
  • The audit trail for each observation ensures accountability should the component show early signs of failure.

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