Undercarriage Enhancements

Rope Shovel reports have been a big focus of this release including the addition of multiple Crawler Frame Guides.

We are continuously improving language handling and your custom reports are now available in the language of your choice.

Component images are now more customisable so they more accurately reflect the family and model of machine.

GET/Wear Surface Enhancements

Once again GET/Wear Surface Management has seen some major improvements in the latest version.

Reports now have additional layers of customisation with more control over what is included and how it is shown. Custom reports with Pie charts or bar graphs are possible with additional data charts and component grouping in custom groups or grouped by component type. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a demonstration of the GET/Wear Surface system and the new reports.

There are also multiple improvements to the implement management with improved cost editing when copying implements and an extra serial number field for better implement identification.

We are here to help

Our commitment to providing the best systems we can depends on you. We are here help you get the most out of the TrackTreads system so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all.

We pride ourselves on being a user driven company, so if there are any additions or enhancements you think we should include, email us. We will consider any and all user suggestions.


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