Along with bug fixes and small enhancements the 6.5 version has 3 major pieces;

  • SSL security – Security has always been a priority and with this version we have moved all TrackTreads systems to use HTTPS. This means all data transfer is encrypted for added privacy and security. Google has been moving forward with their plan to tag all sites that don’t use HTTPS as unsafe and this change will avoid this tag and a secure padlock in the address bar will indicate that the site is using SSL/HTTPS and is thus secure.


  • Setting up Customers on the Mobile App – As well as jobsites and equipment, you will now be able to setup new customers directly from the mobile application on Apple and Android devices.
  • Mobile Interpretation and Reporting – You can now interpret your inspections on the mobile app, adding additional comments and recommendations and send the equipment condition PDF reports directly from the mobile app without needing to log into the web application.


The biggest change in 6.5 is the ability complete an inspection interpretation and send the condition report directly from the mobile App. Combined with the ability to setup new customers and jobsites and fully setup machines with exact components in the mobile app, the entire process can now be completed in a single workflow.

If you would like more information on these new features, including a demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We pride ourselves on being a user driven company, so if there are any additions or enhancements you think we should include, email us. We will consider any and all user suggestions.

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