Track Frames should also receive the love when out inspecting the Undercarriage. The condition of the Track Frame can have a major detrimental impact on the life of the Undercarriage Components. Inspections should cover at least observing and checking the following areas: –

  1. Check the condition of the Major and Minor bogie pins
  2. Look for cracks in the frame, often indicated by oil leaks
  3. Check for alignment of Idlers and bogies
  4. Check the types of frames and Equalizer bar (Straight or Toe Out)
  5. Check condition and movement of Equalizer bar attachment points
  6. Look for oil leaks around pivot shaft articulation point
  7. Check Bogie pad condition
  8. Check measurement of Idler ride height
  9. Check Machine balance
  10. Check wear condition, hardware and presence of Chain Guides.
  11. Check the Idler flange wear
  12. Check the Roller flange wear

Each Track Frame should include a Serial Number either stamped onto the frame or welded so the frame can be easily identified and then tracked. This will enable tracking of all transactions against the specific Frame

Maintain the following information for each Frame: –

  1. Number of times Track Frame has been rebuilt
  2. Budget Life in Hours and Distance
  3. Actual Life Lived in Hours and Distance
  4. Residual Life in Hours and Distance
  5. Current Condition

Frames that become worn result in accelerated wear of undercarriage components, which leads to loss of value.

TrackTreads Undercarriage Inspection Software provides the software tools to perform inspections, manage the condition and maintenance planning of your undercarriage components and frames. This will enable you to achieve maximum return on your Undercarriage Tracks, Rolling Stock and Frames. Contact us at: to discuss further