TrackTreads have recently updated the Undercarriage Inspection Management system to enable quick generation of a quote for repairs or part replacements. Inspectors can now perform an inspection on any make or model and deliver to the customer, both the inspection report and a formal quote within minutes of completing the inspection. The shorter the turnaround time, the greater the likelihood of a successful sale.

Reports and Quotes

Flow of inspection data from on site inspection to apprasial report.


Inspectors measure the undercarriage using the mobile application connected to the Ultrasonic Tool. Measurements are converted directly to percent worn. Repairs and replacements are identified during the inspection, supported by images and comments. On syncing data with the cloud, the cutsomer can view inspection details and report inspection issues with further interpretation comments. Quotes can be generated based on repair or replacement scenario’s chosen. The inspection report is then emailed along with a quote, directly to the customer. No double handling of data. The entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes saving time and ensuring the quote gets to the customer before their thoughts have moved to other subjects.