A heap of dollars left behind

This boneyard is not just a heap of scrap, its an indicator of Undercarriage Management Discipline

Wear material is money, and the more wear material thrown in the scrap heap, the more money that is lost…. or

the opportunity to make big savings

If the undercarriage components that are scrapped are not between 100 and 120% worn, then there is opportunity to make savings.

What is Step 1

  1. Quantify the value that is being lost when the components are being replaced. This means performing an inspection (End of Life Inspection or EOL) on those worn-out components when they are removed. This will indicate the % worn, and if the % is anything less than 100%, that means dollars are being left behind. Most customers do not complete and EOL inspection, but when you use TrackTreads Undercarriage Software system, the final inspection is recorded automatically.
  2. Run the TrackTreads Report of Value Remaining on Scrapped Components and review.