Undercarriage Value for your money

A singular measure of value obtained from your undercarriage is “Cost per Hour”. The lower the cost per hour, the greater the value achieved.

There are essentially 2 ways to reduce cost per hour:

1. Purchase cheaper undercarriage components

The undercarriage parts may be cheaper, but can they last the full length of life and do they have the necessary mechanical properties to achieve the appropriate number of hours of life for the application. In many circumstances, such as the construction application, this might not be relevant, but when it comes to mining, it is very important.

2. Obtain as much life from the Undercarriage Components. Utilize the undercarriage for as much life as possible, potentially taking it to between 110 to 120% worn. This method requires undercarriage management with a focus on the following:

  • Correct selection of components for the application
  • Undercarriage inspections regularly to determine current condition and ensure that none of the components are showing accelerated wear. Component wear rates need to be compared against the fleet average for the number of hours on the wear surface
  • Midlife interventions may be required for instance on sprocket segments and possibly rotating idlers and track rollers from front to rear and vice versa
  • The undercarriage components must be managed as close to 120% worn as is possible across the system. Obviously, there will be instances where certain components will limit this point as they begin to fail.

The greater the number of hours achieved on the undercarriage, the lower the cost per hour. The math’s is simple

Example 1. Undercarriage costs $150,000 and lasts 5,000 hours or 80% worn – cost per hour = $30/hour

Example 2. Undercarriage costs $150,000 and lasts 6,500 hours or 112% worn – cost per hour =$23/hour

Over 6000 hours of usage, that is a $42,000 saving. Multiply that across a fleet of machines and the savings can be huge.

  • TrackTreads has the software system to enable its users to inspect any make and model of machine.
  • TrackTreads system can produce fleet averages to enable benchmarks to be set. Against which any machine can be compared.


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