Chassis, dump bodies and all complex welded structures are subjected to loading and torsional stresses during everyday use. Regular inspection and recording of cracks and condition enable a picture to be established of the structures general condition and when repair should be completed before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Using the TrackTreads Structural Inspection tool, enables Inspectors to:-

  1. Inspect the structures in the field offline using your normal phone or tablet.
  2. Allows measurements and observations for each observation point
  3. Can use the TrackTreads templates to setup the structural observation points
  4. Measurement and observation instructions can be included to assist the inspector and ensure standards of inspection are maintained.
  5. Record any cracks and set an upper limit on the crack length before repair is required
  6. Record multiple images against each observation point
  7. Flag the observation point for automatic notification to supervisor.
  8. Field Inspection data is synced to the web portal allowing comparison with previous historical inspection data. Comparisons and wear rates can be monitored.
  9. Data collected can be transferred to in-house work orders for repairs including data rich descriptions of the issue needing repair.

Implementing structural inspections is your insurance policy to avoid catastrophic failures in your fleet.

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