Inspection data from Field Equipment is collected to create a story interpreted within a report

In mining, large amounts of data is collected from the field continuously to the point of being swamped. The data will be on spreadsheets, paper inspection forms and many other formats. All this data is extremely valuable as it contains a story which management wants to read and understand.

Extracting this data can be done using the correct tools but needs to start in the field with the collection of data using Mobile Apps. This reduces spreadsheets, manipulation of data and makes the collection of images simple and quick.

Syncing of data to a web app allows quick transfer of data without human interference and allows the data to be analysed and actioned (Raising work orders).

The data can then be formatted into a report to tell the story, the story that was previously hidden in the spreadsheets, paper inspection forms, and folders of images.

TrackTreads has the Technology to capture Field and Mobile inspection data, and transform this data into powerful actionable tasks and Management Reporting


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