TrackTreads is very excited to announce the launch of the IOS version of our Undercarriage Inspection mobile application. The IOS version of the application comes in response to customer requests and we are pleased to be able to offer the ability to capture Undercarriage Inspections on both Android and Apple devices.

The App is currently being rolled out to a couple of select sites for final testing and will be available for all sites and users as soon as testing is complete.

IOS Screens

As with the Android mobile app, the IOS version will allow users to load existing equipment from their TrackTreads cloud or create new equipment on the fly and sync it to the cloud post inspection. Inspection entry is a quick and simple step by step process with wear percentages displayed in real time so inspectors can assess their inspections ‘at the time’ and add recommended actions while they are performing the inspection in the field. Once completed, select an inspection and sync it to the TrackTreads cloud and you can be generating condition reports and preventative maintenance quotes in seconds.

With our commitment to supporting the broadest range of equipment makes and models, we believe TrackTreads is the most versatile Undercarriage management system available. With an extensive and ever growing library of component wear rates, combined with simple and complex reporting and data presentation, TrackTreads is not just the future of Undercarriage management, it is the now.


If you would like further information on transitioning to the IOS mobile app, or require any assistance with the TrackTreads system, please contact us on