In our business at TrackTreads we have many different customers each having their own reason to perform Undercarriage Inspections. There is however one common theme throughout which is to calculate the residual life of undercarriage components so as to plan for the next maintenance event.

This calculation comes from the measurement resulting in a percent worn which coupled with the life in hours already lived, allows the residual life to be determined.

Planning for maintenance and replacement is really important in mining:-

  1. It provides for requisitioning the components from the supplier
  2. Planning for the least impact on production while the machine is down
  3. Planning for the labour resources and tooling required to affect the repairs

The Residual Life calculation also shows the performance of the component, a very important piece of information. This is useful in determining:-

  1. The cost per hour reached for the undercarriage
  2. How the components are performing compared to competitive components
  3. It is also an indicator as to how the machine has been operated

Performing Undercarriage Inspections is straightforward using the TrackTreads Software which includes all makes and models from all major manufacturers.

Our friendly and Trustworthy Support Team are only a call away and will help you each step of the journey to becoming proficient in managing your undercarriage.