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"Undercarriage Inspections provide multiple Benefits for Fleet Managers"

Inspecting and Managing Undercarriage increases cashflow, profitability and improves Maintenance Scheduling

Undercarriage Inspections involve measuring each component using diferent tools and then using formula to calculate the % worn of the undercarriage components and the condition of the Undercarriage System. The percent worn of the component wear surface is then used to calculate the remaining life on each of the components. This can be added to …

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Driving Value from the Deluge of Data

In our data rich world businesses are generally more efficient at collecting data than they are at using it. Efficiently using the data collected, to drive value-based decisions, can be what takes your business, or more importantly your profit margin, to the next level. TrackTreads is about providing software to support not only your collection …

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The Customer Focussed Approach

In our modern world, there is always a heavy focus on technology. What can the software do? What bells and whistles does it have? What wonderful new technology is the software based on? These are all important details, but they often eclipse and are focussed on at the expense of more traditional business factors. In …

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