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"Undercarriage Inspections provide multiple Benefits for Fleet Managers"

Inspecting and Managing Undercarriage increases cashflow, profitability and improves Maintenance Scheduling

Undercarriage Inspections involve measuring each component using diferent tools and then using formula to calculate the % worn of the undercarriage components and the condition of the Undercarriage System. The percent worn of the component wear surface is then used to calculate the remaining life on each of the components. This can be added to …

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Obtaining Maximum Life From Your Undercarriage Components

The art of undercarriage management is achieving as close to 100% wear from all components on the system simultaneously.  This means that each component; whether rollers, idlers, sprockets or chain; are all wearing so that when the first component reaches 100% worn, all of the other components are as close to 100% worn as possible. …

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Inspection Forecasting – Knowing What and When

Every Inspection will identify the current wear of the components along with possible actions to rectify the wear profile of the components.   The aim of the target wear profile is to achieve the maximum possible life from all the components on the undercarriage system, thus maximising your ROI. Regular inspections are essential to achieving …

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