In our data rich world businesses are generally more efficient at collecting data than they are at using it. Efficiently using the data collected, to drive value-based decisions, can be what takes your business, or more importantly your profit margin, to the next level.

TrackTreads is about providing software to support not only your collection of data, but also enhancing your ability to analyse and utilize your data with ease.  TrackTreads provides tools that assist you to manage your assets better and reduce the cost per hour of operating your equipment. Even with the best intentions of achieving this goal when signing up to the Undercarriage Management System, many customers do not complete the loop and thus miss out on the last stage which is where the real value is achieved.

The following diagram shows the five step loop of the TrackTreads system;

Process Flow

TrackTreads Process Flow


Steps 1 – 3 are often performed very efficiently, creating a wealth of data and reports.

Steps 4 and 5 however, which are the actioning of the recommendations from the analysis of the data collected, often receive less attention, but are where real value can be achieved. The TrackTreads system has a complete feedback loop to ensure data is turned in to value for our customers. From the sales and purchasing of parts, to maintenance scheduling and all the way down the supply chain to the manufacturing of components, TrackTreads helps you leverage the power of your data.

Many businesses are still using excel spreadsheets and typically spend excessive hours on stage 2, preparing the data and trying to ensure that it is correct and accurate. With so much time and energy spent preparing the data, there is often little or no time to spend on steps 4 and 5, where both savings and additional revenue can be generated. TrackTreads streamlines the entire process, leaving more time to really extract the value from your data.

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